Triton DTS® Advanced Traction Package

Triton DTS® Advanced Traction Package

Triton DTS® Advanced Traction Package Features

  • A Mechanical Traction Platform Redesigned.
  • Find the right solution for the spine with the Triton DTS Advanced Traction Package.
  • Designed with fully programmable DTS pull patterns, this sophisticated traction device delivers forces that mimic the feel and effectiveness of hands-on treatment, with less effort.
  • Each of its 5 unique pull patterns adds gradient, progressive range of motion and oscillations for improved decompression and unloading of the spine.
  • The Triton DTS allows for isolation of all phases of pull, and features variable speed control for increased treatment flexibility and added patient comfort. Equipped with a pelvic tilt section, repositionable headpiece and improved access to the cervical and thoracic spine, the Triton DTS is far from your average patient table.
  • Its QuikWrap™ belting system allows patients to be wrapped and set-up in under a minute, and the digital, high resolution, 270 pivoting touch screen interface will have treatment started a minute later.
  • Set the standard for your practice and get to the root of cervical and lumbar pain with the Triton DTS Advanced Traction Package.
  • Triton DTS Advanced Traction Package Features
    • Innovative traction device.
    • Relieves pain and restores function by mobilizing muscles, ligaments and joints affecting intervertebral discs.
    • Controlled and consistent traction force.
    • Easy belting provides comfortable and stable anchoring.
    • Multiple table adjustments for ideal, comfortable treatment positioning.
    • Includes spine therapy table, traction unit and an easy-to-use belting system.
Option: Advanced
Type: Decompression
Unit Of Measure: Each